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It’s a World of Magic

Posted by Terra Firma on May 27, 2015

Once upon a time in the land of 1E, Kevin's character got his hands on a Wish.

This was a particularly deadly campaign in a highly magical world, and while Wishes weren't exactly common, they weren't that UNcommon either. It wasn't that unusual for the party to have a Wish or two squirreled away in case someone needed a quick resurrection. (See? I said it was deadly.)

But Kevin didn't care about resurrection. He'd given this some thought, and he immediately said, "I Wish that I could only be harmed by +5 weapons."

Tony, the DM, didn't even blink. He granted the Wish, but limited it to say Kevin's character could only be harmed…

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HTales from the Table


The Battle of Plan B

Posted by Phil Murray on May 26, 2015

We were ridiculously high level, having achieved a level high enough that deaths were seldom permanent and quests usually involved saving continents or the world.

The group consisted of an Elven Diviner/Loremaster, a Human Paladin, a Human Evoker/Battlemage, a Human Monk, and my own Human Fighter/Bard. Our latest quest involved trying to replace the now-destroyed orb that shielded our world from being overrun by Demons.

The Diviner/Loremaster in our group had done some research and found a possible replacement orb. After he pinpointed the location of the new orb, we traveled to the ruined capital of a once great empire that had…

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HTales from the Table


He Owns the T-shirt

Posted by Gildan Shirtman on May 25, 2015

Years ago, during our first campaign together, my group happened into an extra-planar tavern filled with Orcs, Giants, Demons, and other unsavory folk. Considering the group had a Drow and Minotaur in it, they felt right at home.

Upon stepping foot in the door, Steve, who played the Minotaur, blurted out, "Bring me your largest woman!" Much to the laughter of everyone in the group (and within tavern).

Nine months later, at the very end of the game, the group was separated and tempted with a deal from the main boss to switch sides.

Immediately after, the boss fight began.

The group found themselves in a huge cavern fighting…

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