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Epic NPC

Posted by K. Henson on March 31, 2015
I’d like to meet this guy

We’ve come up with some memorable NPCs during our adventures. One of my favorites is known only as the ‘Yes Me Lord’ guy.

Our characters were doing some business with a local King. Always at his side was this scraggly little old human guy who did small errands or took notes, whatever the King needed him to do.

Every time the King asked him to do something he replied in a very Kermit the Frog type voice: "Yes Me Lord," and would go about his business, shuffling away slowly.

One day we were invited to stay at the castle to prepare for a quest to aid the kingdom when some baddies busted into the castle.

They planned to…

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HTales from the Table


The Tribute

Posted by Harald Sigurdsson on March 29, 2015
So it just has to be pretty, right?

We had a fairly regular group, but our DM would often change gaming systems or worlds based upon whatever movie or TV show he was interested in at the time. This usually resulted in lots of book buying and a ‘let’s see what we can get away with this time to out-think the DM’ on our part.

The flavor of the month was Vikings. Real Nordic mythology in the third edition D&D system.

The DM wanted the characters to be related somehow, either part of the same family or village. Not a problem. We chose to be brothers.

I played a rather weak sort, more brains than brawn - the younger, unlucky, unpopular brother.

The adventure, I’m…

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HTales from the Table


Of Forks and Gryphons

Posted by Furca Tines on March 26, 2015
Why not a spoon?

You know those times when tiny character quirks end up benefiting you greatly? Or when an insignificant detail changes the course of the entire campaign?

I have a fond memory of such a time to share.

I was playing my beloved green half-drake Elf Druid who could turn into a full drake at will. In the rest of the party was a tough Human Fighter, a female Drow Mage with an evil sword, and a Halfling Rogue as our guide.

We were traveling the countryside and ended up in a coastal town, where we were given a quest to seek out leads for a bronze dragon’s egg that had been stolen.

My character had no understanding of wearing…

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