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No More Stone Floors

Posted by Geo Lithic on July 02, 2015

After years of playing together, my old group and I had gotten somewhat lackadaisical in our fighting encounters. Our GM was working hard to make sure that the epic level characters we were playing got a workout, and she was getting more and more inventive and throwing harder and harder creatures at us.

However, it seemed that we were skilled at finding inventive ways to make encounters end quickly - and in our favor.

One such instance involved the rescue of a poor minor noblewoman who had been taken captive by a circle of high-level Mages. The idea was that we would have to track down the Mages, engate in a massive battle with…

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HTales from the Table


Breaking the DM

Posted by Rotgor Farfigneugen on July 02, 2015

Back in college, my friends and I had a small weekly gaming group that gathered in the dorm basement. The DM didn't have much experience and half of us were newbies, but we were having a blast.

We were reaching the end of a long crawl and had come upon a large moat with a castle on the opposite bank. There was a bridge of light to our left and a lone boatman in front of us.

The DM then did something that still makes me laugh. To a pack of newbies he said, "What are you going to do?"

He was soon banging his head against the table as the five of us suddenly went in four different directions: Two started walking across the…

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HTales from the Table


Summon Death

Posted by Corvus Corax on July 01, 2015

After a long absence from the game, I was starting a new campaign with a group of people that I had mostly just met.  I wasn't sure what to expect. It was an entertaining, if odd, group.

I was playing a Deva Paladin who worshipped the Raven Queen, just for fun. One of my new friends was playing a Pixie Sorcerer, who happened to be extremely crude. This was Max Jagermeister.

My Paladin was a somewhat serene and polite person, and was constantly Max's straight man and was always getting him out of trouble. Let’s just say I’m the kind of player that tries to talk down the Dragon instead of fight it.

So in our first session, all…

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