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Like Hell

Posted by Strahd von Zarovich on August 27, 2015

It’s been quite a while since we cracked open the books, but I can still remember the long night sessions fondly.

I fell into the role of DM, while my girlfriend (now wife of 20+ years) and our group of friends would gather around our table every Saturday for a weekly session. My campaign occasionally dropped the players into my favorite realm,  the horror that is Ravenloft. I wove a dark tale which eventually brought them to the dreaded home of Strahd von Zarovich.

As they wandered the dark halls seeking answers, they encountered Tatyana, Strahd’s lost love. Not realizing who she was, they set upon the course of rescuing her.…

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Samurai Jackson

Posted by Jackson on August 26, 2015

We were a party of four. There was a Cleric, two Rogues, and my Fighter. We spent time exploring the lands until we met an NPC named Jackson. He was a Samurai from a faraway land, and he had a quest for us.

Jackson needed to find a demon who was sealed inside a great petrified tree, and break its seal, thus undoing the damage the presence of the tree demon had done to the surrounding lands.

After trekking through perilous swathes of land leading to the tree, avoiding the massive bubbling pits of tar and desecrated matter, we laid eyes on the petrified tree. It was massive, the bark burnt black, and surrounded by a wall of…

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Making the Shot

Posted by William Tell, Archer on August 25, 2015

While dungeon crawling in search of a burglar who'd made off with heirlooms from our wealthy (and more importantly, well-connected) client, our party made its way deeper and deeper through an abandoned mine.

My Rogue, now the party 'tank' after the demise of our Dwarf Barbarian, was having a hell of a night. Shot twice in the back by longbowmen before he'd even entered the mine, he bravely ploughed through a mystical barrier none of the party had been able to identify, only to find himself face-to-face with four crossbowmen. Unbelievably, he survived.

Healed up from defeat for the second time, he narrowly avoided death at the…

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Beer Elemental

Posted by Bifur Boulderbelly on August 20, 2015

Some friends of mine from were playing a game which I finally had the chance to join in on, as I was visiting them that weekend. They use hero points (one granted each level, and they can be accumulated) to act out near-impossible heroic feats.

My Dwarven Cleric, Bifur Boulderbelly, a renowned alcoholic, had just joined up with the party after a long time apart. They had set up camp by the brink of a river. Being in a good mood, Bifur offered to take the first watch, not taking into consideration that he has traveled for several days straight.

He quickly fell asleep, completely unaware of the nearby danger.

Seeing as we…

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Hands to Thyself

Posted by THE DICE on August 19, 2015

In the few short years that I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons, I feel like I have met many types of players; from the Role-Player to the Rule Master, from the Go-With-The-Flow to the Tactician.

I've seen how many different players have treated their dice as well. I've watched the Casual Player put their only set of dice into a small bag. I've watched the Hard-Core Player have a different bag for different sets of dice. None of that takes the cake though to one lady I played with when I first started out.

You could say that she was a little weird about her dice and had all sorts of rules. Those of us at the table who gamed…

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