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The Easy Way

Posted by Wally Backer on July 22, 2014
Expect the unexpected

As a Dungeon Master I've found it's best just to relax when things go wrong, because nine times out of ten the unexpected is far better than what you have planned. I was running a game for a bunch of guys at my office. We met up every Wednesday night in one of the conference rooms to punch monsters and crack jokes, a welcome change from the stress of the rest of our workday.

One particular evening I was gearing up for a chapter climax. The party had been investigating this army of demihumans for weeks, trying to figure out who was organizing them and why. They followed lead after lead, clawing their way toward the top of the…

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Fortune Cruise

Posted by Brodie McGhie Willcox on July 20, 2014
Luxury liners... safety not guaranteed

This tale begins on a Monday at my high school cafeteria, they were serving egg rolls and of course fortune cookies. My fortune read,

"This weekend, steer clear of water"

That Saturday we decided to start a new campaign and I rolled the best gods damned Ranger ever! The whole group rolled well and the party was balanced and quite powerful for a bunch of beginning characters. Once we'd all rolled our characters the DM picked a place in his world to start us... an island. A very small, very deserted island surround by a wide sea.

We were fortunate enough to find a ship so it was off the island we went. I though things were…

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Game Over?

Posted by Dr. Done on July 17, 2014
Is that it?

One summer we'd just finished an enormous home campaign that had run for almost a year, but my friends and I were itching to play some more. Our DM agreed and dug out a pre-written one-shot. He spent a little while thumbing through supplements before declaring we were ready to play.

We sat down and launched into the adventure. Emerging from a river barge into a shabby village we were met on the rotting wharves by a lone old man, his grey hair filthy and his clothes tattered. He had lost a hand at some point in his life and now sported an oozing stump.

"Best go back the way you came. This place is death for the likes of you!" He…

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Let Me Entertain You

Posted by Rose Lee on July 15, 2014
No... just, no.

About a year ago I was DMing a game for a group of friends’ first foray into D&D. They were a fairly typical group consisting of a psychotic Gnome Alchemist obsessed with explosions, a Half-Elf Fighter who only wanted money, and a player who decided he was going to role-play a Human Bard, a Female Human Bard who would try to seduce EVERY NPC we encountered.

The group met up while fighting bandits after which the newly formed party headed back to Oleg's Trading Post, to rest and recover. Literally the first thing our Bard says when the groups walks in,

"I try to seduce Oleg!"

Being a rather compromising DM I say,

“Sure, roll…

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RPG Sing-along

Posted by Haul Away Joe on July 14, 2014
Naow whin Oi wuz a little boy an’ so me mother told me

So, there we were, sailing merrily on the sea, reveling in our great fortune. We'd grabbed the crazy orb we needed to seal away a demon, thus ending an extended plot arc that had spawned out of one critical failure. Somehow we ended up with our own Dwarven Longboat manned by a tribe of Gnolls. (don't even ask).

It's of course at this point that things begin to go wrong, as we see winged figures bearing down on us from far afield. The Dragon, and his attendant Harpies had come for our orb, and he wouldn't take no for an answer. Other parties might have ceded to his request, but then other parties didn't do things like we did.

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