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Gleaming the Cube

Posted by C. Slater on October 30, 2014
I guess we all do unexpected things sometimes, don't we?

It was probably the strangest encounter we’d ever been in. We were playing 4th edition with a party of five consisting of a Wizard, Paladin, Ranger, Monk, and Bard. We’d stumbled through a dungeon and came to a room complete with Doppelgangers and a Gelatinous Cube. The later of which immediately enveloped our Paladin. Not sure how exactly we could help him at the time, the rest of the party decided to deal with the Dopplegangers.

Sometime during the fight the Gelatinous Cube gets knocked prone, which means the Paladin is now floating face-down inside the Cube. Meanwhile a Doppelganger gets teleported to a space directly above the…

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The Choker Wears You!

Posted by Q. Victoria on October 29, 2014
It's a new fashion trend... death optional

My group of seven mighty adventurers was questing for a holy relic in a 4e game. They had fought their way through an infested guard tower and a band of Goblins intent on escaping . . . something, when they ran into a couple Chokers and yet more Goblins, in the stairwell of the Cleric's Tower.

Both Chokers promptly grabbed a companion in the bottleneck and proceeded to do their thing. Some damage was taken by one of the characters - a little friendly fire - and the party started focusing on the support Goblins. Eventually the party ran out of Goblins to kill and had to focus on the Chokers.

The Fighter had been taken down and…

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Boss Fail

Posted by B. Star on October 28, 2014
Your skill is too much-

Our party had climbed aboard a pulley elevator to lower us down into a long, dark, vertical mine shaft. After moving hundreds of feet down, we heard a terrible shrill cry as a flying brain covered in tentacles and hatred rose from below. We could all hear the boss battle theme music in our heads. This was going to be epic…

...Until the first turn of combat when Rog the Barbarian knocked the beast prone while it was flying next to our suspended platform. The DM had to pause to look up some rules; the beast didn't have anything that would keep it from dropping like a stone all the way to the bottom. The DM wound up rolling for 500…

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Beginners Luck

Posted by Hal Roach on October 27, 2014
It'll never happen again

It was our first ever home D&D campaign. My friends and I were asked by a few veteran players to join in on a 4e adventure and we were ecstatic. Just because we were happy to play, it didn't mean we were any good at it.

Our first quest was to find the nephew of the city’s King. The King presented us with the quest but the reward wasn’t great. Before venturing down into the depths of who-knows-where, we decided it would be a good idea to haggle with him a little on the reward and that it was up to our charismatic Rogue to do the talking.

The problem was, our Rogue was one of the new players and he didn't know the first thing…

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Sound Advice

Posted by D. Abby on October 26, 2014
frontal assault?

Tarl, Dain, and Korob were the most powerful heroes of their time. Tarl was a mighty Cleric, Dain was a cunning Dwarvish Warrior, and Korob was a stalwart and clever Ranger. All evil beings on the Prime Material Plane feared them and their band of followers. One day they decided they should begin cleaning up the other planes of existence.

They'd heard legends of a demonic being named Juiblex, also called The Faceless Lord, the demon lord of Slimes and Oozes. They felt that destroying him would be a good place to start. They found their way to 222nd level of the Abyss, discovered the demon lord's putrid palace, and fought their way…

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