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With Ultimate Power

Posted by S. M. Lieber on April 13, 2014
...comes ultimate responsibility!

I was running a low-ish level 4e D&D game for some friends at my local game shop and the campaign was straight out of my brand new Book of Vile Darkness adventure book.

The party was lost in a thick patch of forest and had just stumbled into a clearing created by something massive having fallen out of the sky. The clearing was littered with the ruins of a tall Wizard's tower in the center of the newly-formed crater. Here the party fought a seemingly normal battle against some Chaos Spawn. Afterwards they found a rather not-so-normal book.

The Dwarven Warlock picked it up.

It wasn't long before he figured out the book was…

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You Can Taste the Way It Dances

Posted by Peter Mark Roget on April 10, 2014
Capturing the associative power of language!

My favorite D&D campaign was one that I based off of a popular MUD that I had played extensively. My players were (unbeknownst to them) the reincarnated heralds of sleeping gods, and their task was to travel across the continent, waking up the gods in order to stop what was essentially Satan from destroying the universe.

One of those gods that needed waking was the God of Chaos.

They traveled to Chaos’s plane of existence, a completely chaotic and utterly ridiculous place that was (since the god was sleeping) never changing. Any monsters they killed immediately reappeared, NPCs that they talked to would forget they were there…

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The Epic Tale of the Torch of Hiding

Posted by Carter Spotnitz on April 09, 2014
I want to believe!

Like most, our gaming group has some interesting dynamics, the biggest of which is the random and bizarre ideas that come up when presented with any sort of challenge.

In one of our games the party was exploring some old ruins and sent the Thief out to scout ahead, carrying his torch along with him. Sneaking through the tunnels, he came upon a small party of goblins who were sent to defend the ruins against invaders.

Immediately rolling a Stealth check, he fumbled massively...rolling a critical failure.

He kicked a rock down the cobblestone passage, making a racket that couldn't be ignored. Except by the goblin who would…

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Reading Him His Rights

Posted by Buford T. Justice on April 08, 2014
"you're the goddamnedest pursuee I've ever pursued"

A year or two ago, I played with a rather large group in an evil-aligned game. Most characters kept the evil within the confines of the group. We were various flavors of insane and betrayed each other from time to time, but we all presented a pretty good face to the outside world.

One guy, after his first character got killed, found out about the Book of Vile Darkness. So he decided to play a cancer mage named Father Festous who more or less urinated demonic diseases, and more or less declared himself the leader of the group. I was somewhat nettled by this and resolved to kill him myself.

My first character died after finding…

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The Owlbear’s Table Manners

Posted by Richard Hellmann on April 06, 2014
maybe some condiments would help...

My RPG-ing group, the Future Guys from the Past, rotate through six or seven games so as to avoid getting stale. We've just resumed our D&D 4th edition campaign. I was out of town for the last two episodes, and a new group member would soon be joining us; therefore the DM had to come up with an excuse for my character and the player's character to not be participating in the adventure at hand.

It was a ripper - he had the two of us off trying to salvage my character's ancestral home after it tore in two during magical travel from one world to another (don't ask!).

Meanwhile, he had the rest of the party become embroiled in the…

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