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Posted by Leo Anthony on January 20, 2015
Whatever works!

I was running a game fro some friends and family. We were playing 4th Edition D&D. My son was still very new to the game, this was only his second character. His first character had been a Paladin, but it was abandoned because, in his words, “He was a total coward and that made him useless in combat” and "Doing a flip over the Elf and running through the Goblin army cutting off each Goblin's head with a single swing of my sword is not a standard action.”

So his second character was a Wizard. Standing in the back is now part of his job description, so that works in his favor. He liked the idea of area-effect spells, so he took as…

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Posted by W. Rabbit on January 19, 2015
Better late than never?

I’d been DM’ing for my group for a long time, and my players were known for one thing: rolling low. Really, really low. Any player on any given d20 would consistently roll 3s and 4s several times per session. It became a running joke, and meant that he party get really inventive with how to deal with any given encounter. It also caused me, as the DM, to become super creative with what enemies I throw at the players.

Then, in one of the major climaxes of our story, the party was up against a probability-warping Mage. It was a perfect scenario for them. Since every number would have a probability-warping effect, they could literally…

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Not the Undead

Posted by F. Monster on January 18, 2015
Wasn't really a lie

We were starting out in a village that had an Orc encampment nearby. Some of the villagers had gone missing or been found dead and the uneasy truce we'd had with the orcs was wavering. Our bold group of adventurers just knew the Orcs were behind it, so we headed to their camp and started slaughtering them in droves.

Getting to the heart of their cave, we thought it best to hide and rest up in a small room off the main corridor. As we were resting, we heard the sound of a great battle outside. The crack of bone and screams of pain could be heard through the wooden door as we braced ourselves for the inevitable. After several…

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The Brothers Dim

Posted by J.W. Grimm on January 13, 2015
Sneaky Sneaky

Our group had several new recruits to the grand old game. Two of these newbies had decided that they would have an easier time of it by playing half-brothers, a pair of Thieves.

The party made their contact with the troubled mayor at the local inn and were given their marching orders. Afterward, I asked if there was anything they wished to do on the evening before they set out to find the evil wizard in the morning.

"We want to do some burglary!" stated the two recently created Rogues in unison.

Our parties veteran Paladin reminded them of the importance of sending notes at the table and pretended he didn't hear anything about…

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Posted by J.W. Campbell on January 11, 2015
Well... I wanted to stand out!


My group and I had recently started a new campaign and I decided I was going to try my hand at a Psion. Everything about his was pretty standard; average human, average Psion stats. I had to make him stand out a little. I mean, c'mon, he had crazy mind powers! In a last ditch effort to give him some kind of distinguishing feature, I gave him natural purple hair.

To be frank, he died almost immediately. My party, being relatively low level, couldn't afford a true resurrection. They did managed to find a Druid willing to help, but the most they could get out of him was a simple Reincarnation spell.

“Roll to see if…

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