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What’s in a Name?

Posted by The Barbarian on July 28, 2015

Sometimes a nifty title can say a lot about your character. Grimbore the Flatulent, you can imagine, is not a fun person to be stuck in tight quarters with, while Averos the Brave is a guy that has no desire to back down from anything.

Titles are great, but the wrong one is like writing a check your butt can't cash.

Enter Klad the Unbreakable.

Klad was the perfect recipe for badass. He was a Dwarf Barbarian with enough constitution to choke a Red Dragon. He wore no armor, took little damage, and issued forth enough hurt that the family of any Orc that met with the business end of his Great Axe was slain unto nine…

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Orcish Delicacy

Posted by Angel Rotherhithe on July 28, 2015

I learned the importance of languages during one session with some novice players and a couple of old hands at the game.

With the session underway, our intrepid party of 2nd level characters came across a barricade, manned by about three dozen Orcs. The party was outclassed. As the Orcs came down to take the party as prisoners, I happened to mention that they were chatting away happily.

One of my novices piped up, "Oh. I speak Orc. What are they saying?"

Not sure how this will pan out, I wrote the words on a piece of paper and handed it to her.

She immediately turned to the main fighter in the party, a Dwarf, and said, in…

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The Finest Headgear

Posted by Seldon Griswald on July 23, 2015

I have a friend who favors playing Bards, not so much for their combat abilities, but for the benefits having a Bard in the party entails.

For instance, my character was a Half-Orc who had incredible Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence, but only 8 Charisma. Because of this, my character almost never spoke. The Bard followed him around everywhere he went, speaking on his behalf and regaling everyone with tales of the "Great White Orc." The Bard would bluff his way through otherwise difficult situations, turning my quiet, reserved, and rather grumpy character into a folk hero of Paul Bunyan proportions.

Then there was the time…

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What to Expect From Evil PCs

Posted by Apo Kalupto on July 22, 2015

Our group has been playing for a few years. What surprised the DM at the time was the number of Chaotic Evil party members; a Fighter, a Wizard, and me, a Demigod Cult Priest.

When we began we weren't that outspoken, and the good (and neutral) party members kept us in check. There was a balance. The main focus of our campaign was to stop the Chromatic Dragons from taking over the world.

One campaign in particular completely destroyed the DM’s campaign. Occasionally, party members had previous engagements and could not show up to the gaming sessions. This happened somewhat regularly, so we played through, pretending the others…

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Sometimes a Farm is a Just a Farm

Posted by Vulpes Canidae on July 21, 2015

I had been playing D&D for almost twenty years and decided to introduce a group of my friends to the game so we could play it together.

Being the one with the most experience, I started as the DM. The first adventures were pretty straightforward dungeon crawls that went pretty much 'on rails'. The players got their chance to show initiative, but the story was pretty much set, and if they wandered in an unwanted direction I would gently nudge them in the direction I wanted them to go.

After they reached level five or so, I decided it was time to cut them loose and let them make their own story.

A previous adventure had just…

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