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It’s Hard Out Here for a Rogue

Posted by C. Coleman on November 20, 2014
You know it's hard out here for a Rogue

We were a four man party: Elven Ranger, Human Wizard, Dwarf Cleric/Fighter, and a Halfling Rogue. While questing down in the depths of some dungeon we woke up a Black Dragon and the battle commenced. We were getting nowhere. My arrows couldn’t penetrate his armor the Wizard rolled horribly, the Fighter couldn’t get close to the beast, and the Rogue, well… For the entire game, spanning six months at that point, the Rogue did nothing. He saw himself as a playboy who would charm his way to fortune. It worked great in the towns and such but every time we got to an encounter he would disappear. We hated it! But for some odd reason, in…

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Allbutt Root

Posted by Shennong on November 19, 2014
It's a subtle difference

While I have been playing D&D since 5th grade, the best group of players I've ever gamed with was back in college. As a freshman, I hooked up with a circle of gamers (including my future wife) DM’d by a senior creative writing major. This guy was a master storyteller that spun grand, sprawling, epic adventures that had everyone blowing off their studying for weeks at a time.

We occupied the basement of our dorm every weekend and many a weeknights downing delivery pizza and cheap tacos while hacking, slashing, thinking, and bleeding our way through an adventure inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. The most fun part was that…

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Are you a God?

Posted by Gozer on November 18, 2014
Then... DIE!

Running a 4th edition campaign for my friends, I thought it would be interesting to see how my group would react when tempted to do something... not "evil" per se but, you know, serving evil. I concocted a story wherein they come across an imprisoned villainous god known only as "The One" who offered them their heart's desire in exchange for their help in releasing him from his captivity.

Imprisoned by four other well-known deities in the D&D universe, he was chained within the heart of a mountain where his Spider minions had worked tirelessly, and mostly ineffectually, for thousands of years to release him from his chains. My…

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Two Mages and an Avenger Walk Into a Bar

Posted by Morey Amsterdam on November 17, 2014
A Cannibal is a person who walks into a restaurant and orders a waiter.

It was my second session into DM’ing a campaign for my girlfriend, Halfling Wizard Odonwa, and two mutual friends, Eladrin Wizard Andromedus and Drow Avenger Tobias. Having them poke around Hammerfast between minor quests they came across a local watering hole. There the party was introduced to an attractive female Eladrin NPC who Andromedus, on the advice of Odonwa, started to chat up.

Eventually the NPC challenged Andromedus to a friendly game of throwing knives, which my girlfriend immediately recognized as a con.

"Oh, no no! I'm gonna sit right here," she stated as she placed her mini at the table on the map nearest the…

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Creative Thinking

Posted by Lugh on November 16, 2014
It'll only hurt for a minute.

Early on in my life of questing, I joined a friends campaign with my Dwarf Fighter. After their party found me wandering randomly in the forest, we all decided that it would be a good idea if I came along to help them. Their party was a simple lot, save for a Half-Giant; think Hagrid with a spear. After doing some simple jobs we went into a new town, looked for the tavern, and found ourselves a quest.

On our new quest, we came under attack by Dire Rats. Alot of dire rats. The fight was lengthy but we came out pretty much unharmed. My Dwarf, with a hatred of rats, noticed that two were escaping into the sewers and gave chase.


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