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A Certain Smile

Posted by Church Dwight on March 04, 2015
Feel the Shine.

I was the DM for a mid-level campaign. The characters were all at level 10. I was having difficulties finding appropriate threats for the band of adventurers who were infiltrating a magical keep filled to the brim with Orcs.
At their level, Trolls and waves of Orcs were nothing to them. They had a Half-Ogre Barbarian of their own after all, not to mention a pudgy Human Wizard, a saintly Half-Elf Cleric, a heavily armored Human sword-n-board Fighter, and an annoying Dwarf Bard.
I had to pull out the big guns.
An Ogre-Mage with character levels in Monk assailed them. This was decided to be a credible threat to the party, who…

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Critical Thinking

Posted by Ralph Waldo on March 03, 2015
If a tree falls in the woods...

I joined a friend’s homebrew adventure and brought in my character Thock, the Half-Orc Barbarian with a good heart and one level of Bard for Perform Interpretive Dance. Many of the sessions went about as well as you could imagine with a character such as Thock involved. Hilarity ensued.

The most memorable moment (in fact, the one we still quote to this day) happened as we were trying to sneak into the Vampire-infested camp down in a small wooded basin. Thock passed a spot check to see a guard hiding up in a tree, ready to rain down arrow-ish terror upon us. Thock grabbed firm hold of the tree and began to shake the would-be…

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Wishes and Wants

Posted by Auric Goldfinger on March 02, 2015
That’s a hefty wish...

Our gaming group during AD&D Second edition had spent a good amount of time adventuring when one of us got lucky on the loot tables and scored a Wish.
The player immediately wished that "anything he wanted would turn to solid gold".
The DM granted his wish and spent many nights making this character’s life miserable by turning anything he said he wanted to solid gold.
“Do you want any food, sir?”
“You got it.”
Solid gold.
This went on for months. The party was somewhere around 15th level when we started exploring a deep and winding dungeon. After quite a few sessions we were nearly at the end of our supplies and…

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Lawful Criminal

Posted by Alphonse Gabrie on February 22, 2015
Lawful shmawful

As most players know, ‘Lawful’ does not, in fact, mean ‘obeys the law’. It really means that the character believes in being organized and having a sense of honor. By this definition, Al Capone was ‘Lawful’ even though he broke quite a few laws. This was the creed of my favorite Rogue (though this was back when the class was called Thief). His name was Vastris the Clever and he was Lawful Neutral with good-ish tendencies. He didn't advertise his choice of occupation and most PCs and NPCs believed he was some kind of swashbuckler, since he was very careful never to be caught using his Thief skills openly. He had even practiced the…

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The Exploding Rod

Posted by Lorelei Lee on February 18, 2015
Diamonds are a party’s best friend

During my last adventure I decided to play an Elf Psionicist. Her backstory was that she accidentally blew up the Elf King’s throne when he asked her for a demonstration of her power. After that, she was cursed to never tell anyone her name or they would die a horrible death.

She found her way to a nearby kingdom and was accepted into a group of adventurers; Stellis, Zerik and Finn. When they asked her her name, she replied,

"I cannot say, for it is cursed."

"So what do we call you?" Stellis asked.

To which Zerik replied, "A diamond in the rough."

"How about just Diamond?" Finn concluded.

I agreed to the name and we…

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