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Posted by Table Titans on August 11, 2014

We are GenCon bound!

This weekend, if you're going to be at GenCon, please come by the Table Titans booth 2435. I'll be there along with Steve and Cory and even Brian will be there one day. We want to see you so please come find us. Last year I attended GenCon as a special guest of WoTC and many of you asked where my booth was. Well we didn't have a booth last year, but this year we do and we're bringing a lot of stuff for you to pick up. 

First there's a wide assortment of our tees from Welovefine. Including these new designs we made specially to have at GenCon, but if you can't make the show you can get the new shirts…

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Harvey Awards

Posted by Table Titans on August 06, 2014

I was honored to learn that our sister comic strip, Table Titans was nominated for a prestigious Harvey Award for the category of Best Online Comics Work. Congrats to everyone who's been nomniated. What amazing company to be included in.

The Harvey Awards are nominated and selected by comic book professionals, so being nominated feels like a hearty "well done' slap on the back from the very pros we grew up respecting and emulating.

Since Table Titans is a group project, I wanted to take a moment to ask you to please consider voting for us when you turn in your Harvey Ballot this year. I'm not the only person who works on the…

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Scratch Fury Dicebag - Preorder

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on June 19, 2014

Fans of PvP have been asking for a Scratch Fury plush for years now, and it's finally happening.

Meet the Scratch Fury Dicebag!

Scratch Fury Dicebag


Working with our wonderful partners at, we've come up with a functional plush that will hold all of your dice, and keep them protected from other players and bad vibes. It's big, it's plush, and it has a separate zipper pocket on the front for pens and stuff. Beautifully embroidered details and 3D elements, and high-quality hardware make this better than your normal dice bag. It's time to upgrade from your trusty Crown Royal bag.

The bag is currently on pre-order at…

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All This Week on Table Titans: Thank You!

Posted by Table Titans on April 16, 2014

All this week on Table Titans, instead of running the strip as usual, we're taking a couple of days to thank our readers and Kickstarter backers. The comic pages will feature this brand new piece of art, inspired by the work of Walt Simonson and illustrated by Scott Kurtz. It's just one of the many ways we want you all to know how important you are to this process.

Thank you all so much!

 We all like this image so much we're having Table Titans colorist, Steve Hamaker, give it some sparkle and we're sending it off to our manufacturer at to see about getting this made into our Kickstarter exclusive backer shirt smile

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Table Titans Volume 1: First Encounters KICKSTARTER!

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on March 11, 2014
It is time.
We at Toonhound Studios are thrilled to announce our first solo Kickstarter project: Table Titans Volume 1: First Encounters! It's been in the works for months as we did our due diligence, crunched the numbers and worked with our partners to secure some really unique rewards for our backers. Now it's time to press the button and make it live.
Table Titans Volume 1: First Encounters is a Kickstarter exclusive collection of the first season of your favorite Dungeons and Dragons inspired comic. This is the book you've been asking for all these months and we want to make it something really special for all…
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