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Table Titans is more than just a comic! It's a daily updated digital tome of all things tabletop RPG, including:

  • Table Titans - The online comic that started it all! Every Tuesday & Thursday
  • Bestiary - Featuring classic monsters & newly designed fiends. Every Monday
  • Proclamations - A bottomless bag filled with news, tips, features, and more! Every Friday
  • Tales from the Table - Fan submittted yarns of triumph and glory. Daily: Monday thru Friday

Table Titans chronicles the adventures of Alan Fischer, Andrew Drummond and Val Bronzebottom (the Table Titans themselves), as they embark on many adventures both at and away from the gaming table.

The story so far:

The Titans gathered at Alan's apartment where they learned of a mysterious adventure module that, according to rumor, no gaming group has ever survived. Did the Titans become the first to complete the Mines of Madness? You can find out here!

Then jump into the Latest Adventure where the Table Titans have rolled up brand new characters and are gathering at their favorite gaming parlor, Cafe Mox, to begin a new season of Dungeons & Dragons encounters.

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