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HTales from the Table


Lawful Criminal

Posted by Alphonse Gabrie on February 22, 2015
Lawful shmawful

As most players know, ‘Lawful’ does not, in fact, mean ‘obeys the law’. It really means that the character believes in being organized and having a sense of honor. By this definition, Al Capone was ‘Lawful’ even though he broke quite a few laws. This was the creed of my favorite Rogue (though this was back when the class was called Thief). His name was Vastris the Clever and he was Lawful Neutral with good-ish tendencies. He didn't advertise his choice of occupation and most PCs and NPCs believed he was some kind of swashbuckler, since he was very careful never to be caught using his Thief skills openly. He had even practiced the…

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