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Winter of The Iron Dwarf - Page 107
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Send More Monks

Posted by Sōhei on April 20, 2015

Have you ever felt that your DM was trying to kill you? Are there Assassins in every shadow waiting for you to drop your guard? Do random Dragons want a piece of you on a regular basis? Or have the Gods tried to smite your PC in person?

Yep. Your DM might just want your character dead.

In one campaign I was playing an Assassin with the bloodline of a Red Dragon. Was I optimized? Yes, yes I was. Was I a God-slaying abomination in mortal flesh? Most likely. The results of the time spent crafting my character showed.

Let’s set one thing straight: My DM approved this guy.

He was the Lawful Evil agent of the Lich King and was to…

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