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Winter of The Iron Dwarf - Page 22
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HTales from the Table


With Ultimate Power

Posted by S. M. Lieber on April 13, 2014
...comes ultimate responsibility!

I was running a low-ish level 4e D&D game for some friends at my local game shop and the campaign was straight out of my brand new Book of Vile Darkness adventure book.

The party was lost in a thick patch of forest and had just stumbled into a clearing created by something massive having fallen out of the sky. The clearing was littered with the ruins of a tall Wizard's tower in the center of the newly-formed crater. Here the party fought a seemingly normal battle against some Chaos Spawn. Afterwards they found a rather not-so-normal book.

The Dwarven Warlock picked it up.

It wasn't long before he figured out the book was…

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